Why Carolyn Was Searching for a Math Tutoring Program:

Carolyn has two daughters in Thinkster and has been with the program for over two years. She joined when she noticed that they were both starting to lose confidence in their math abilities.

She had a few goals in mind when looking for a math program:  

Supplement what her daughters are learning in school
Introduce concepts in a different way & perspective
Preview concepts before facing them in the classroom

If she could find a program that did this, then her daughters could have more confidence & math would be easier for them. Plus, once confidence goes up, enjoyment goes up!

Since joining Thinkster, she has seen a BIG boost in confidence in both of her girls!

Particularly for her daughter in Algebra 1, Carolyn notes that she’s much more confident with critical thinking and in Algebra. She can look at a math situation and understand what the equation is behind it.

“What I really enjoy about Thinkster overall is, again, the flexibility and the convenience of being able to do it anytime, anywhere. And I like the consistency of knowing that there is one tutor assigned to work with my child. So they really understand what my child’s strengths and weaknesses are. They can connect on a personal level and really make the learning all that much more meaningful.

I've really enjoyed that I get some feedback, both at the worksheet level and then, overall, as they complete different modules to understand what was their mastery level? Are they progressing the way they should? Are there some weaker areas and some stronger areas?

So, it’s been a great situation all the way around because we have the personal connection, but then all the data and the metrics behind it.”

Quote from Carolyn

Why Thinkster?

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Why Their Family is in Love with Thinkster:

Carolyn Adler

"It’s been a great situation all the way around because we have the personal connection, but then all the data and the metrics behind it."

Thinkster Mom

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