Why Fiona Was Searching for a Math Tutoring Program:

Fiona's family had used IXL before, but it didn't work out for them. It was missing the piece of a person helping explain the concept and actually explain to them what they did wrong. They visited a Mathnasium Center, and her son completed an evaluation.

They also spoke with some of their friends who had sent their kids to Kumon. Fiona felt like it was not a good fit for her son though. Her son didn't like it because it felt extremely repetitive, and Fiona felt like they were just paying to get worksheets.

She saw something online about Thinkster, watched a video, and liked that her son could do it at home.

Thinkster gave their family the flexibility that they needed, and the ability to do it whenever it worked in their schedule.

She also immediately loved the ability to personalize the learning plan, because her son could work on the things that he was really struggling with.

It wasn't like school, where the entire class moves at a specific pace and moves on in topics.

With Thinkster, her son could focus on areas that he was a bit weak, drill down on that, and then get the added benefit of having a tutor to work on concepts and problems with him live.

Fiona said, "It's a win-win for us!"

"We started in July of 2019 and he was hitting it hard. I mean, every day… every day he was doing Thinkster. He ended up completing, from beginning to end, the entire Kindergarten curriculum in about two and a half months.

And then what we also noticed was that when he first started, there’s an allotted time, a suggested time, for each worksheet. And he was going way over! And now he’s completing, I think all of his worksheets, now under the allotted time and with more accuracy.

So that is, I think, the biggest or the most important data points for us. Seeing that he’s able to complete the worksheets in the allotted time and he’s getting more things right. That’s all that you can really ask for; that means he’s understanding and he feels like he can do it."

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Why Thinkster?

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Why Their Family is in Love with Thinkster:

Fiona Thomas

"I think the biggest thing for us is that we just don't have to deal with the tears and the frustration anymore.

He's just more confident, he's willing and he likes to learn... and I think Thinkster gave that to him."

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