Why Jennifer Was Searching for a Math Tutoring Program:

Jennifer's son has been thriving in our Algebra 1 program. He joined Thinkster in middle school, and Algebra 1 was a natural transition as her son started high school.

Originally she signed him up for Thinkster as a way of reinforcing concepts he was learning in the classroom. She also wanted to help in exposing him to other topics, because the school classroom only covered so much. She tried giving him workbooks and tried an in-person learning center, but her son just didn’t like it.

There are many different features that Jennifer loves too, such as our customizable learning plans and engaging platform.

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Jennifer Dzierzak

“The basic math of [Algebra 1] is not so hard. But when you convert that to real-life… there’s a lot of word problem type questions, that is always more challenging. I think this has done a really good job. It gives a lot of the core concepts and then it takes it a step further.”

Thinkster Mom

We've helped thousands of students in 30+ countries become math fit, super confident in math and increase their math scores up to 90%.

We’ve also got the thumbs up from parenting councils, business and parenting media, AI & Tech publications, curriculum authorities, and more!


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