Why Joshua Was Searching for a Math Tutoring Program:

Joshua noticed that his daughter seemed to always be a bit nervous and hesitant when it came to math. Going back to Kindergarten, she was a strong reader, but had an “I’m not as good at math” attitude.

It was important to him to help boost her confidence in math.

He initially searched around for a math program, but didn’t find that the Kumon method quite fit for their lifestyle. Plus, with machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence, he felt that there must be a more efficient and smarter way to approach learning.

Cue, finding Thinkster!

Thinkster fit into their schedule easily, and became a verb around the house - “Do your Thinkster!”

He immediately found the app and program to be very intuitive, and particularly liked the ability to have a coach review and give feedback on work.

Plus, the coach became someone his daughter looks up to and respects. He finds his daughter’s coach to be nurturing and professional, which is a great combination.

"Why I love Thinkster is it has become a natural extension of our life and our daughter’s learning. A complement to school and a complement to how we like to live. You don’t feel like you’re interrupting your routine. You don’t feel like you’re doing something that is hard to fit into life.

We take Thinkster with us on vacation or on holiday. We take Thinkster with us when visiting relatives. We can do Thinkster during the summer when school is not there. It really is a part of how my daughter learns now and how we teach her things. It feels very natural and feels easy."

Quote from Joshua

Why Thinkster?

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Why Joshua Recommends Checking Out Thinkster:

Why Their Family is in Love with Thinkster:

Joshua Rundus

"A very modern way to approach education."

Thinkster Dad

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